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Our Editorial Staff are all local dogs that work and live in Carmel. We created this website for all those canines – and their humans – who want to visit our pooch and people paradise. We want you to have to best time of your life! Experience our wonderful beaches where dogs have first priority. And human companions need to behave, or you’ll have to be leashed!

We hope you have a Woofingly wonderful time while here.

Editor in Chief

Winifred Oman
(with assistant)

Food and Wine

Piper Book

This French Bulldog comes from a long line of gastronomes with a nose and palate for only the most epicurean European fare. Piper is renowned for discerning the essence of the grape in wine and the heart of the bubbly in Champagne. (Hence his nickname, Bubbles Book.) Now in Carmel, he bids a fond adieu to his tenure at Bone Appetit Magazine.

Life and Leisure

Guthrie Carson Cowen

Associate editor at Travel & Leisure Magazine, before become assistant editor at Royal Cavalier King Life. Guthrie moved to Carmel and found a new, deeper appreciation for the true meaning of leisure-by-the-sea. Fair warning! His contributions to CDT may be limited by extended downtime for sun, sea and sand.

Real Estate

Cruzin’ Giedt

Be it a mega-million beach-front Estate, or cozy mini-million Carmel Ranch Cottage (as above), Cruzin’ knows the territory. Longtime resident, Cruzin’ can work the room with Pebble Beach Blue Bloods, Carmel Mixed Breeds, Big Sur Outcasts, and Valley Ranch Mutts. He knows where all the bones are buried and will dig up a tasty deal to buy or sell on your behalf.


Buck Folster

This Scottish Deerhound spent his youth hounding the West End Theatre district of London, quickly became an authority on the Bard, Bacon and Marlowe. Generally siding with Shakespeare, Buck always held an inexplicable fondness for Bacon.

Dear Sophie … Romance and Beauty

Sophie Gray

Sophie’s thoughtful advice has helped millions of furry friends find fortune, fame and femininity.   Her years of service has made her the most popular columnist for award-winning romance and beauty publications including, Nails and Tails, Furry and Fabulous! and Dogue.


Charley Vollmer

Quiet and unassuming, this brilliant young thinker has astounded Silicon Valley with a nose to sniff out the next big thing hiding under a rock… or garbage can. A sought-after columnist for Fast Company, Wired, and Off-Leash Geek, Charley chose to take some R & R in Carmel to recharge brain fur.

Girl About Town

Lola Vollmer

“Life’s a beach… Don’t bother me!”

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