She is thirteen pounds of four-wheel drive pulling a biped with a bum wheel.

March 21, 2017 5:13 am

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Chapter 2: Spin Class!


Now bundled for a stroll in Antarctica…

I stumble after Winnie, slip the halter over her head and hitch up the leash. Hank of leash still in her teeth, Winnie drags me out the backyard gate and up the street. My two wheels are no match for the power of her four legs. She is thirteen pounds of four-wheel drive pulling a biped with a bum wheel.  Neighbors smile – no question as to who is taking whom for a walk.

It’s also true that it is not horribly cold. Or maybe it’s just that Winnie’s pace is making me trot behind at a pace giving me mild aerobic exercise. I can do this. Would feel even better if I wasn’t so bundled up for an assault on Everest!


I know this is less a case of me becoming my dog, as my dog becoming my personal trainer.

And please don’t bother me with the benefits of spin class at the crack of dawn. Last thing I need is to be stuck in a small stuffy room with 20 sweaty bodies poured into spandex, huffing, puffing, grunting and groaning to ear-shattering thumping, accompanied by the voice of a female drill sergeant with scary tattoos hell bent on wreaking havoc on my body and soul making me easy prey for the coming zombie apocalypse.

My wheels spin enough keeping up with Winifred. And we are outside, in lovely surroundings, breathing fresh, brisk air!  All in all, a wonderful way to start the day. Until Winnie decides to make a left turn on Arroyo Trail, otherwise known as Cardiac Gulch. I try to talk her out of it. She stops, looks back… Fine. Catch you on my way back. I consider dropping the leash and letting her go. But then I remembered…

Wasn’t that long ago, Barbara and I stood here. She made the hike down to the bottom of Cardiac Gulch and back without me. Becoming more my dog is one thing. But my dog becoming more my wife?


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