...Winifred greeted dawn’s early light with her tongue up my nose. Good Morning!

March 21, 2017 5:11 am

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Chapter 1: Rise and Shine!


Winifred is an early riser. I was less inclined. Until Winifred showed me the error of my ways.


I confess I was not a quick study. I got quicker when Winifred greeted dawn’s early light with her tongue up my nose. Good Morning!

Within a week, I was sufficiently trained. Now I am up, dressed and making coffee while Winnie, no fool, has my side of the bed to herself, stretches out and catches a few extra zzzzs on my pillow.

Next on the morning schedule, stretching class! Watching Winifred do her downward dog and shake out sleepy muscles looks so good I follow her example. Got the downward dog. Still having trouble with upward human.

Winnie is patient. Sits and watches while I take off slippers and put on shoes for our morning walk. She gives me that look; the one that says, Why do you keep putting things on your paws? Something wrong with your paws? Time’s a-wasting!  I fumble with the laces on my sneakers. I swear Winnie gives me the whites of her eyes, Paaa-lease

It’s cold out there, so I also grab a sweater and heavy coat. Too much for Winnie who takes leash in mouth and heads out the doggy door. I hurry out the big door after her. To Winnie and my wife, who has already finished a two mile walk up and down our hill, it is not cold out there. It’s brisk!

All right. I’m sorry. I’m a wuss!

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