"Murder, Misfits & Mutts" - Chapter 40 - Carmel Dog Tales

Chapter 40



Another day in paradise. Dogs romped in the surf, chased balls along Carmel Beach.

     Murphy watched the gang racing and chasing, then turned to Abby on the sand beside him. Clutching a large coffee and humongous pastry, her eyes followed an elderly couple strolling along the water’s edge, bare feet frisky in the warm sand.

     Abby wrapped her arms around Murphy, hugged him tight.  Releasing her strangle hold, she pushed him away.

     “Go. Play. I’m fine… Go on!”

     Slugging down the last of her coffee, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Seizing the moment, Murphy took a bite of pastry.

     “I saw that, big guy!” Jerry stood before the accused who jumped on Jerry knocking him to the sand.

     “Jerry! I thought you…” Abby sputtered.

     “Winnie wanted to say goodbye.”

     “Where is she?”

     “In the trailer. Not feeling so hot. Ate something that didn’t agree with her.”

     “Carnitas enchiladas?”

     “No. I think it was the all-natural, no preservatives, healthy bison biscuits. Probably needed some preservatives.”

     Abby shook her head. The man was hopeless.

     “Can I see Winnie?”

     “She’d like that.”   

     Jerry led the way across the beach towards the stairs up to Scenic Drive.

     Approaching the top plank of the staircase, Abby saw the top of Jerry’s truck. A couple more steps up and she saw something else.

     “Holy…” was all that came out as she gazed upon the shiny new 40-foot 5th wheel trailer behind Jerry’s old pickup.

     Winifred looked out the living room window, barked happily.

     “She made me do it,” Jerry said. “No joke. She insisted. Had to have a full slide out living room, big kitchen… You women are so demanding!”

     Speechless, Abby could only stare at Jerry.

     “Oh. And it has a king-sized bed. Big enough for four… If you’re into that kind of thing.”

     Abby kissed him sweetly on the lips, took Jerry’s hand, opened the trailer door and pulled him up the steps. Jerry stumbled inside and wrapped his arms around the two women in his life.

      Not about to be left out, Murphy bounded up the steps and joined the threesome.

     As the door swung back and forth in the breeze, an old Carmel denizen walked past and saw the human and dog bodies entwined on the floor.

      “Get a room!”

      Winifred understood, and when the door swung around she grabbed the end of the leash hanging from the inside handle and pulled the door shut.

     The happy sounds of the inter-species love fest floated over the shores of Carmel Beach. The town where God lives. Perhaps right around the corner…

     But that’s another story.



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