Dog stories of life, love and the adventures of pooches in paradise.

In our village of poets, painters and photographers, writers such as Robinson Jeffers, Jack London, Mary Austin and Robert Louis Stevenson, have toiled over every aspect of mankind. Sadly, little as been said about canine-kind. Where are the great dog stories? Apparently it is far easier to examine the good, the bad and the ugly of the human comedy.

But what of the canine comedy?

What of dog stories? For a village often voted “Most Dog-Friendly Town in America,” it’s time to celebrate our canine community with dog stories that sniff inside the world of our Best Furry Friend Forever.

Carmel Dog Tales aims to begin a tradition of canine-centric story telling.  We start with a first look at a new book by best-selling Carmel author, Mark Oman.

The Older I Get, The More I’m Becoming My Dog
Four-legged Lessons for a Day Well Lived

According to Mark, a life-long golfer now in remission, “Several years ago, I kicked the habit and took up with a seductive, brown-eyed 13-pound wild woman, Winifred. Truly, we humans have a lot to learn from our furry family…”

Join Mark each week as Winifred helps him explore Four-legged Lessons for a Day Well Lived…

In future weeks, get your nose ready to sniff out the killer in… Murder, Misfits and Mutts! – a Carmel Love Story.


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