One does not have to have entered their golden years to enjoy the well-being that comes from taking time for an afternoon siesta with a furry four-legged friend...

August 13, 2017 4:46 pm

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Chapter 6: A Nap is a Wondrous Thing


After a tasty lunch, I can’t think of anything better than a little siesta with 13 pounds of happy tail, warm tummy, and big brown eyes sprawled across my chest.


I realize this may have more to do with my age, loss of testosterone, and other assorted physical and psychological conditions. I prefer to attribute my new-found appreciation for afternoon siestas to watching Winifred in angelic slumber, at peace with herself, and the world – a well-earned time-out from her hard life watching me slave at the computer and listening to my cranky critique of the San Francisco Giants. She deserves her nap time. And so do I!

A good nap is a wondrous thing – a floating dream-state somewhere between consciousness and deep sleep. One does not have to have entered their golden years to enjoy the well-being that comes from taking time for cuddling and snuggling with a furry four-legged friend. Or a two legged one.

And while there may be no scientific evidence to support this, I believe the ease in which Winifred can drift away to dreamland is directly related to her inability to waste one second in worry, guilt, or any other useless human musings. Perhaps because Winnie, and animals in general, have no sense of whether they are pretty, handsome, or on the wall-flower side of their breed. In other words, they don’t waste a lot of time and energy wondering if your affection is based on their physical attractiveness. And they certainly don’t give a woof as to your good looks, or lack thereof. They cut right to the core of your heart and soul… or lack of either!


I’ve seen no evidence to suggest Winnie wastes an instant engaged in negative self-talk, feeling unworthy and undeserving of a happy life.


I can’t say my propensity for such self-flagellation has ever made anything any better. Points for Winnie on that one.

Nor does she live in the future, worrying about what will happen next week or fantasizing about her well laid plans for the weekend. Winifred is all about whatever wants to happen. In the moment.

And at this moment, all that wants to happen is a lovely nap. A little snooze full of…  Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you / Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you …

Gus Kahn had it right when he wrote those lyrics for Dream a Little Dream of Me.

Winnie closes her eyes. Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

~   ~   ~

God, that was good! Judging from the kiss on my lips from the fastest tongue in the West, it was good for her too. Shaking ourselves from our half-time respite, it’s time get on with the day and…



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