At lunch or dinner, she does not beg for food. Which doesn’t stop her from giving me the eye… the look. Pathetic, unrequited starvation.

August 12, 2017 6:44 pm

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Chapter 5: Eat, Drink, and be Merry…

For tomorrow we may eat, drink and be merry again!


Which pretty well sums up Winifred’s thoughts on sustenance.  Fortunately, my wife, Barbara is a terrific cook and has been a health advocate for most of our married life. Winifred gets steamed veggies pureed with only the best raw turkey, chicken or beef. And assorted pills and powders of vitamins, fish oil and pro-biotics.  In terms of drink, unlike myself, Winifred prefers water over beer – preferably lapped direct from one of our well-seasoned bird baths.  So far, I have not been tempted to join in the fun.

At lunch or dinner, she does not bark or beg for food. She knows that is unacceptable. Which doesn’t stop her from giving me the eye… the look. Pathetic, unrequited starvation. And she will deliver the look for as long as it takes. I relent. (I tried the same thing on Barbara… under somewhat different circumstances. She gave me her look…  I have much to learn.)

Now, in terms of my eating habits, I have to say Winifred has not been a good influence. My lack of culinary discipline is mostly her fault. When I was working full time, it was whatever hours it took to get things done. I was too busy to think about breakfast, lunch, or even dinner at times. All that is a distant memory. Because now that I have the time, Winnie has awakened my most ravenous animal appetites. Dreams of breakfast, lunch and dinner dance in my head, a tango in search of soul satisfying sustenance.

Which means… it must be LUNCH TIME!

Barbara’s homemade turkey chili is quite yummy. Winnie and I are happy campers, me at my desk, Winnie lounging in a barrel chair across the room, head between forepaws watching me intently, her furry white snout littered with sticky bits of turkey chili. No doubt there have been times my face and short beard looked no better than Winnie’s.  But here is another instance where any similarity between us ends. For while she is quite happy to lick my fuzzy snout clean, I have yet to do the same for her.

Which brings to mind the words of George Bernard Shaw who said something like: Do not outlive your wealth or your health. Spend it all before you die. Winnie and I have decided to eat it all before we shuffle off to that big buffet in the next life.

Or as Auntie Mame put it: Life is a banquet. And most poor suckers are starving to death!

Not Winifred. And not me!



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