Is the fun and "cuteness" of your dog, nose out the window, ears flying in the wind, more important than a longer, healthy life with you?

October 24, 2017 8:20 pm

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Chapter 13: And One Lesson… Winifred and I Hope You Never Learn


You will never have the joy of becoming more like your dog if your dog isn’t around to teach you.


I am always amazed and disturbed to see folks driving by with their furry loved ones in their lap or on the seat next to them, head out the driver’s window or passenger side. Of course, we humans are strapped in our seat. Don’t want to be maimed or dead in a sudden stop or crash. Good thinking!

But if something unexpected happens, do any of these folks think about what will happen to their dog?

My wife and I once belonged to those folks. Our miniature schnauzer, Max, love of our life, liked to stand with his front paws on the console between our bucket seats, hind quarters on the transmission hump behind. It was fun and cute and kept him in our reach. Except one early morning when a car shot out from a cross street in our residential neighborhood. We weren’t going particularly fast. The other car wasn’t either. But we were forced to slam on the brakes and Max went flying into the dashboard. The impact of the cars was fairly minor. The impact of Max’s neck and back considerably worse. He survived, but was in much pain. We did everything, acupuncture, massage, vitamins… In later years, he began having seizures. And then finally, heart breaking end of life decisions.

Please… don’t wait until it happens. Ever since that incident, Barbara and I have travel crates in our cars. They are tied down so they don’t go flying. And neither will our loved ones inside. Winifred and Mr. Winston love their crates. They are comfortable in them and are happy to be going somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s with us. Winnie jumps in and practically closes the door herself!  We can check them in the rear-view mirror. And relax knowing that they are at least as safe as we are.

So… Here’s the question: Why would you not want them to be as protected from harm as you are? Is the fun and cuteness of your dog, nose out the window, ears flying in the wind, more important than a longer, healthy life with you?

Only you can answer that. But remember, you are also answering for your dog.



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